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27 08, 2021

Benefits Of Therapy Dogs For Seniors


 It’s no secret that therapy dogs can be trained to do a wide variety of tasks from seeing-eye work, epilepsy detection, search-and-rescue, and even helping a person navigate their surroundings more safely.  Therapy dogs can even be trained as emotional support dogs and help their owners get through debilitating anxiety that would otherwise inhibit [...]

27 08, 2021

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors


It’s important to be properly prepared for disaster throughout all stages of life, but there are some extra considerations for emergency preparedness as we age. Educate Yourself The first step to being ready for an emergency is to learn about natural disasters that could occur in your community. Reach out to leaders in your community [...]

26 07, 2021

Things To Remember When Touring Senior Living Communities


Finding the right care for yourself or a loved one in their time of need can be difficult. Finding a community that fits your lifestyle, desires, care needs, and personality can be challenging, to say the least. It may take more than one visit to a particular community before you’re ready to make a decision. During [...]

26 07, 2021

Legal Planning Tips for Seniors


As seniors enter their golden years, there are many mindset shifts and things that need to be discussed. Difficult conversations often occur and important decisions need to be made for the future.  Many people don’t like to think about the fact that they may lose the capacity to deal with financial, legal, and healthcare decisions [...]

21 06, 2021

3 Ways Senior Living Communities Benefit Older Adults


There comes a point in nearly every older adult’s life where they have a discussion with their adult children about their future and what care will look like for them as they age. They often decide between aging in place and joining a senior living community.  Some people may resist change and want to stay [...]

21 06, 2021

Hot Weather Safety For Seniors


Summer is in full swing. With it comes picnics, outdoor events, gardening, fishing, and other outdoor activities. While sun safety is a thoroughly-discussed topic when it comes to UV protection, heat safety is less of a hot topic. Nonetheless, it’s an important part of summer safety, especially for seniors.  Too much heat is not [...]

24 05, 2021

Caregivers: Professional Versus Family


Whether in a professional or family-care setting, caregivers make a positive difference in the lives of the seniors they work with. They provide compassionate, loving, and patient care and help seniors improve their quality of life.  By 2060, it is estimated that there could be almost 100 million seniors in the United States compared to [...]

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